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What’s new in Lead Extractor?

The new advanced lead extractor ultimate is a must have software for any B2B marketers who can target business leads in seconds. It allows you to build your own fresh targeted business leads live from web.

More features added into this new lead extractor like auto leads backup, access historical data, multi-PC access, in-depth lead search, detailed lead overview, real-time lead extraction, stats and more



All in one dashboard

You can see all historic data of your leads on dashboard like total number of leads, emails, phone & pending search, so you can access data as long as you use it or until you format your PC.

Search businesses like never before

A few frequently asked questions

What is Lead Extractor?

Lead Extractor helps you to search and extract thousands of business leads live from web which captures Business name, Address, Phone, Website, Email and Social profiles. It is a must have software for anyone who would like to target businesses.

Who can use Lead Extractor? Is it right for me?

Lead Extractor is highly targeted business extraction software which can be used and loved by marketing agencies, freelancers, sales & marketers, business owners, business development, digital marketing consultants whoever wants to targeted businesses to sell their products & services..

Why do I choose Lead Extractor?

  • It extracts business leads real time from web for your search keywords
  • Access historical lead data which is auto backed up by the software instantly for every search.
  • Access tool on any PC or Laptop with your login credentials, but only one login at a time
  • Connect with our support team via chat or email or call or Skype or WhatsApp for instant support
  • 1-on-1 free personalized live demo to make sure you understand the tool better
  • Get free sample leads for your targeted business.

What is Lead ExtraHow quality is the extracted results?ctor?

We extract all the contact details along with the source URL, mostly on LinkedIn. So you no need to worry about the data quality.

Can I use the software on Multiple PC’s or Laptops?

Yes, you can use the software on multiple Pc’s or laptops with your login credentials but only one login works as a time. If you would like to use on multiple PC’s or Laptops simultaneously you must buy multiple users as per your requirements.

Are there any specific usage limits on lead extraction?

No, you can do unlimited keyword search & export unlimited data for your campaign requirement. But not recommended to use to build a mass database for reselling. We developed this software to help & support small and medium business to generate leads by themselves without spending huge money.

Is there a refund available after purchase?

Sorry refund not available for this software as we offer unlimited lead extraction and export once purchased. That’s why we offer 1-on-1 personalized live demo to make sure you understand the software benefits and usage better before making a purchase.

Can I install this software on MAC?

No, as of now this software was designed and developed for Windows OS as a desktop application. Soon we get you an update for MAC.

You can search for your targeted business listings around the world for any location like city wise, state wise and even with zip code. Search for any business category like restaurants, auto repairs, dentists, real estate, insurance, software and the list go on.

You can also see the leads getting extracted from web real-time along with the stats like number of leads extracted, number for phone numbers found and number for emails found.

For every keyword search you do, the software will extract fresh leads live from web even though the same keyword searched already, so no worries on outdated leads. For example: If you search particular keyword today and search the same keyword after a month you may end up getting different results as the web is getting updated with new data frequently.


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